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Who are we?


The mission of the MARS is to support the mission of the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and other professional associations that serve college, university, or other not-for-profit recreational sports professionals and students in providing educational programs, experiences and opportunities that foster the development of quality recreational programs, facilities, and services for diverse populations.


Any student or professional at an institution of higher education in Massachusetts, whose interests are consistent with the mission of the Association, may become a member of the Association. Prospective members should correspond their interest to the State Director to be added to email and contact lists. The only dues collected are those associated with attending the MARS State Workshop held each summer.



The MARS operates via a constitution and bylaws created by and voted upon by it's membership. Though the constitution helps to provide structure, amendments and changes are regularly made to reflect the current direction of the association along with additional initiatives. We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with this document.

Although Massachusetts is one of the smallest states in the country, what we lack in size we more than make up for in institutions of higher learning. Schools both big and small in our state are active in our field and MARS aims to activate our students and professionals to continue to lead the way in collegiate recreation. Click here for more information on our member schools.

As a non-profit association, MARS is led by volunteer students and professionals who are either elected or nominated for various positions or committees. The leadership team serves for two years and is tasked with representing the membership in helping to shape the direction of the MARS. Click here to meet the current leadership team.

Though not technically affiliated with NIRSA, a high number of MARS members also belong to what can be seen as our parent organization. Massachusetts looks to contribute to the NIRSA missions on the state-wide level. We encourage all people interested in collegiate recreation to familiarize themselves with NIRSA National as well as Region 1  under which Massachusetts falls.

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